Services & Benefits

My Coaching Approach

Four essential questions will clarify your doubts:


Is an Master the best choice?

Specialized Masters, MBAs, professional doctorates, executive education: We have tons of qualification opportunities and the MBA is not necessarily the best option for you. In my coaching, we find out what you need for your next step.


Is it the right time?

Masters in Management can be studied after your undergrad studies or a bit later – full-time or part-time. In my coaching, we assess the right timing for you.


Which program and school?

With more than 700 Masters in Management worldwide, finding the right one is a challenge. In my coaching, we analyze “the right one” for you and develop a target MIM profile for your search.


How to finance an MIM?

Tuition fees, living and travel expenses, opportunity costs – depending on the program, an Master in Management can become quite an investment. In my coaching, we will develop ways to finance it.


Your ideal Master in Management is the Master that matches your goals and resources. Maybe you don’t need  a Network Benefit – so why pay for it? Maybe you need a Reputation Benefit in a specific industry but not globally. In my coaching, we develop your ideal MIM profile that you can use as a roadmap for your search. 

Thomas Graf - MBA Coach

My values and offer

I offer my coaching according to fundamental values.

My values

My offer

  • I treat you respectfully and in an appreciative way.
  • I consider your individual perspective and tailor my coaching to it.
  • I have no interest in pushing you in any direction. All I am interested is that you  know what to do after the coaching and have a solution to the problem that made you contact me.
  • Should you see no value in my coaching, I will pay 100% of the coaching fee back.

My offer

  • My coaching is organized via ZOOM.
  • I offer an approx. 15 min. pre-conversation to clarify the problem or core question and how my coaching could look like. This is free of charge and without any obligation.
  • A coaching session runs 60-90 minutes.
  • The price for one coaching session is EUR 126 (excl. VAT). 
  • In most cases, 1 session is sufficient for clarifying the problem and for providing the coachee with the relevant tools to move on.
  • Typically, these costs are considered as tax-allowable expenses in Germany.